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Internet Services

Sorry for the interruption.

We are in the process of moving emails from the old server to the new.

You can access webmail (website based email) by going to
by using your email address and password - which did not change.

In your email program - You will need to change the
Host Name: to mail.jett.net
and Authentication: to Password

In High Sierra, open Apple Mail - go under the Mail menu to Preferences.
1- Select the Accounts pane
2- Select your jett email address from the list on the left.
3- Select Server Settings
4- Change to mail.jett.net
5- Change to Password

Keep what you have - Port: 995 for POP / Port: 993 for IMAP

Older Apple Operating Stsyems and Windows
have slightly different preference windows but the settings are the same.

Contact Kate at 530-510-1278

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